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Running Up



Why this even exists...

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It's about helping people become healthier + happier. When you feel healthy, you can be happy. When you are happy, you can do amazing things.

Jen Crompton, Founder FYB

The Goal

It is our goal to help you FUEL Your Best through our programs, products, and resources. We are proud to feature our FUEL Your Best playing card deck (the complementary workbook is coming soon!), the FYB Fitness platform, and our FYB apparel collection that keeps you feeling inspired and motivated.

Jen + Jeff are small business owners who created + opened an indoor cycling + boxing fitness studio in the suburbs of Philadelphia (FUEL Cycle Fitness). Their ultimate mission is to help others become healthier + happier in all aspects of their "fITness." Through their studio, they helped build an amazing community of people that they hope to inspire + motivate by what they do in and out of the studio. 

The Creators

Running Group

  Programs for your Mind + Body  

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