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FYB Fitness


Workouts + Workshops

FYB Fitness is all about FEELING YOUR Best from your mind to your body and offering everything you need to get you there.


On-demand and live fitness classes + events for your body and for your mind.


Valuable workshops based on all aspects of your life - live, give, laugh, sweat, + fuel.


1:1 Training for your Body + 1:1 Coaching for your mind - because you need both to be in shape.


A supportive community that offers fun, fitness, and family - and wants you to succeed!

Learn About Our FYB Workouts

Live, on-demand, and in-person pop-ups

Kick Boxing

Boxing + Beats


Cardio/Strength - No Equip - Any Level

Boxing + Beats is our signature cardioboxing class set to the beat of the music. Great for any level.

Spinning Class


Indoor Cycling

Cardio - Bike - Any Level

Our cycle classes are set to the beat of the music and offer a heart-pumping playlist and challenging indoor ride.

Workout Lesson

Bodyweight Intervals

Cardio/Strength - No Equip - Any Level

Our bodyweight interval class offers a cardio/strength combo class with intervals to get your HR spiking.

Intense Workout

Weight Workouts


Strength - Dumbbells - Any Level

Our weight workouts focus on full-body or are muscle-group specific and offer tips on proper form and focus.

Spinning Class

Cycle + Circuit

Indoor Cycling + Strength

Cardio/Strength - Bike - Any Level

It's an on-the-bike and off-the-bike combo workout. We switch between riding and bodyweight exercises off the bike.

Exercise Bands

Just A...

Mix - Equip Noted - Any Level

These exercises require "just a..." band, weight, step, etc. Whatever the class has in the title - that is what you need.

Learn About FYB Training + Coaching

training/coaching memberships + sessions

Kick Boxing

Weekly 1:1 Training Sessions 

Available with the Weekly Coaching Membership

Weekly 1:1 training sessions are virtual or in-person customized physical training fitness sessions with our trainer. We work toward a fitness goal through incremental changes.

Spinning Class

Individual 1:1 Training

Available with a Membership or as a single service

You can train once, twice, or whenever with a session-by-session virtual or in-person workout. Each session will be customized based on your goals.

Workout Lesson

Small Group Sessions

Available by Appointment - Contact us to schedule

Small group training sessions are available to groups who have a similar fitness goal for the session. We will customize the class and get you moving.

Intense Workout

Weekly Training + Coaching

Available with the Weekly Coaching Membership

Weekly training + coaching includes one fitness session (body) and one coaching (mind) session each week. We work toward achieving physical goals and personal life goals.

Spinning Class

Individual 1:1 Coaching

Available with a Membership or as a single service

You can meet once, twice, or whenever. It's virtual or in-person coaching for your mind to uncover challenges and implement strategies to overcome.

Exercise Bands

Group Workshops

Available to Members or by Appointment

Our workshops focus on mindfulness, goal-setting, mindset shifts, and creating an abundant life through a shift in perceptions. These are offered through membership or appointment.

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