Some of My Favorite Things: The Smart Spending Edition

This summer, I was very careful with how I spent my money. I had some money-saving goals and priorities, but also didn't want to resort to hoarding money and being cheap. So I decided that a happy medium would be to send boundaries and guidelines to help me spend more wisely.

So, I decided that I only wanted to purchase things (this does not include experiences or services) that met the following criteria:

  1. It was useful. We did a lot of purging and I wanted to stay away from making impulse purchases. So, I made sure I had a specific use for anything I bought.

  2. I didn't pay full-price. I decided that I wouldn't pay full price for any product (note product, not services!) I purchased. I would only purchase if the product was on sale, I could use a discount code, or if I had a gift certificate.

  3. It supported a small or local business - or a non-profit. I like products that have a giveback value. If a portion of the proceeds are donated to a cause that I can get behind, then I feel much better about making the purchase.

  4. It did something good for the environment. Whether it was a company that used less packaging, decreased their own carbon footprint, or used recycled materials, then it was a consideration. On the flip side, companies that are contributing to our environmental crisis and continue producing without any regard to